OjyaLeaderboard ojyaUnity8 Policy.


1. Login.

The user by accepting those 4 permissions 'public_profile', 'friends_list', 'email' and 'publish_actions' can use all the function of Ojyaleaderboard inside the game.

 All this personal information will be used inside the game and shared only by the friends of the user that play the game.

The user can post to his facebook timeline a game celebration or a challenge tagging a friend who also plays the game, ONLY and after his acceptance and permission anytime he desires.

The application does not make any post deliberately or in automatic without the approval of the user.


2. Score sharing information

The user and all his friends can share and see the leaderboard with the score information for each level, their names and their image profile. This is done after finishing a certain level. The game will update the new scores  and will get also the score information of the other players, friends of the user that play the game.


3. Sharing Bonus

The user can share bonus with his friends. The actions are 'ASK Bonus', 'SEND Bonus' and 'GET Bonus'.

With this action sharing is done only inside the game without posting to timeline.


4. Challenge a friend

The user can create a post to his facebook timeline with an image of his profile and his friend profile that wishes to challenge in a certain level. This is done by sharing a photo and tagging the friend the user choose.

The user can see a preview inside the game of the exact photo that is going to be in his timeline also.

The post is done ONLY after approval by the user.


5. Celebrate in a level

The user can post also a game celebration in his timeline, after finishing a level with a certain score, just by clicking his icon.

The exact photo and text in that preview inside the game will be also posted in his timeline. The user can give approval or cancel before the post.


All the user information is shared inside the game and only in facebook timeline of the user. OjyaLeaderboard does not share the email, name , id, image profile and score information of the user in other hosts but only in facebook server and between friends that play this game, and share this game play experience.


The player user by giving his permission during the first login , installation of this application, accepts this policy and is aware of all the above 5 points of the main OjyaLeaderboard function and policy.

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